Summary of Friday Investment Club Meeting on 30 Jan 15

The Theme for the session was "FATA", Fundamental and Technical Analysis. We shared on our market views based on FATA and we use the methodology on selected counters. click on the following docs for details!

Newsletter Summary (Thanks Hock Meng for putting it together!):

FA view on the Market by Chua I-Min

TA by Philip Ho (Thanks Philip for Sharing!)

The only industry that caught our attention is oil and gas. May be worthwhile to start investing in phase if you are in the opinion that the current oil price will rebound. We wanted to buy Pacific Radiance in our portfolio but this stock is not available in the game (as it is a new stock). I bought into Ezion instead.

Do take a look at our porfolio when free!


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Next meeting we are going to do something exciting! we are having reunion dinner @ showflats... watch out for details! 🙂