Specially dedicated to 35 to 45 years old, those who are going to retire together with me!

My name is I-Min, Founder of Invest Coach Pte Ltd, 41 years old. Last year, I started to look at retirement for my wife and myself seriously, assessing if we have enough financially. To our dismay, our future don't look too good. if you are 35 to 45 years old, which means that you will retire about the same time as me, you should really pay close attention to this:


2 reasons why our retirement is going to be tougher...




To be statistical about it, long term average inflation rate is about 3% to 4%. Don't look high but actually very significant over long term! if such inflation rates continue, price will double in 20 years!
noodles and coffee
What it means is that this meal that cost $6 today will cost $12 during our retirement!


Current basic expense (Food, transport, utilities) for my wife and me is about $30,000 per year. We will need about $60,000 20 years later and assuming a retirement period of 20 years, the total retirement expense for us is $1.2 million!


Old Age Support Ratio


This is the ratio between retiree to working adults. Currently, the ratio is about 1:5. In another words, for every 1 retiree, there are 5 working adults to support. This ratio is important as it measures the capability of the society to support the retiree. If the government want to subsidize 1 retiree today, they can split the cost with 5 working adults. So what will this ratio be 20 years later, when we retire?
(Picture Source: The Straits Times)


20 years later when we retire, this ratio will be 1:2 as predicted by experts! which means to say better don't depend on government to subsidize our retirement like what they are doing now!


Not to Worry! There are Solutions!


Of course, it doesn't mean that is doomsday for us. but the key is Be Prepared! As an investment professional, the best retirement financial plan is to continue to get income even if we are not working... and the good news is, there are various instruments that can help us to do so!


I have spent the past 1 year researching and formulating the most suitable investment plan for my wife and myself... basically, I am looking at a steady income stream which can sufficiently cover my expenses during my retirement


I really hope to share my research work with more people as I see that many are either not aware of this situation or don't know how to deal with it:
Many retirees today are regretting their earlier financial choices and I see that many of my peers are making the same mistakes! If you are about the same age as me, I really hope you can at least see what I do to prevent yourself from a miserable state in the future!


Let me Share my Research Work and PERSONAL Retirement Plan with YOU!


I will be sharing my research and hence my PERSONAL retirement plan in this seminar titled "Multiple Income Streams During OUR Retirement"



In the seminar, I will work through with you:


1. How much exactly do you need for your retirement?
2. How much can CPF life cover your retirement expense? which option should you choose?
3. What are the instruments that can provide income streams during retirement?
4. If I want a more secured retirement with low risk of losing my money, what are the instruments I can use?
5. If I am planning a luxurious retirement and don't mind taking higher risk now, what are the instrument for me?

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For some of you, Information shared during this session can increase your returns immediately! For example, current fixed deposit rate is about 1%. Do you know how to get additional 2% from your savings? imagine you have $100,000 savings now... with that 2% extra, you are making $2,000 more every year!


You may be wondering why I am only inviting people of age up to 45. Because, after 45, there are limitations to some of the strategies! There is a time factor involved! Don't be late in this game!