Phase 2 – One Month from Inception

Looks like we hit a bad timing. But luckily, we have already planned for that! 🙂 (Click here to recap our thought process) At the onset, we have already envisaged that this might come hence we only invest 20% of the portfolio. All the stocks we have bought are in the red but that is normal for fundamental analyst because today there is no science to help us catch the lowest price! In any case, as per the objective of the fund, this is a long term fund hence is too early to judge the performance.

The key question now is what we should do next. I am in the opinion that this correction is irrational and the rebound will come. I am still bullish as US economy is doing well and we are expecting a series of stimulus from Europe and China. As we are dealing with irrationality, there are no way to find out how much lower it will go or when the rebound will come. The best thing to do now is to average down but with different counters. I will invest up to 30% for the next 2 weeks and look at how is the market before I decide my next move.

My next purchase is Apollo Food Holdings. Main reason is to diversify across the various industry that I like.

portfolio 15 oct 14