"Very useful course for average SG who know nuts about financials. Unfortunately, not many people are aware as not publicized in mass media. Met many people who paid thousands of $$ to 'ko yoke' sellers/ trainers via their eye catching ads in Straits Times on courses to quick money making. But this course guides us thru basics which forms crux of financial knowledge. So SGX should publicise this course more so ordinary people can be aware and attend this value-for-money course."


"Through the many useful and important topics covered by I-Min, I have learnt how to assess the financial health of the company I am interested in before investing and most importantly to determine when is the right time to buy, keep or sell. Before attending this course, I had lost quite a sum of money during the dot com bubble because I was investing blindly without any knowledge or research. I can quite confidently say that I am now a well-equipped investor generating consistent passive returns from my share investment through applying what I have learnt from I-Min."


"Course is value-for-money and concepts taught are useful and easy to understand. Fact that the content is based on the CFA curriculum lends it credibility and validity. Good idea of an investment club for post support."


"The tutor has done a very good job to explain concepts in the simplest manner. Well done!"


"I-Min is an excellent lecturer and is very knowledgeable on the subject matters."


"The course has been really useful especially for someone completely new to investments."