Based on decades of investment wisdom and knowledge similar to those found in degree and post graduate programs, this course looks at how time tested financial concepts can be applied practically to create a secondary income stream from long term share investing. The course is specially crafted to present these financial concepts into easy-to-understand bits and focus on application to generate returns. Many examples and case study used in the course will be from real results achieved through more than 10 years of practice using this methodology.

Delivered over 12 sessions with small class format, the course will not only teach but also ensure that you learn. Besides lectures, training includes simulations and gaming to reinforce the learning. The comprehensive curriculum will cover all aspects you need to know to build the share portfolio that generates capital gains and dividend yield. In the course, you will:

1. Learn Basic Skill Sets to Derive the Fair Value of a Share

2. Learn Share Investment Principles

3. Create Personalised Share Investment Plan

4. Learn How to adapt your Investment Plan to different Market Timing

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY – Action plan to create your Secondary Income Stream

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INVESTMENT COACHING PROGRAM - based on Long Term Share Investing

From our interactions with retail investors, we realized that some of us are not getting desired results from the shares market even after learning some investment knowledge.  This Coaching Program is specially crafted for those who need help in application of investment knowledge after the classroom to achieve success in the shares market!

The program will start with 4 classroom sessions to learn the technique required to be successful in long term share investing as the above picture depicts. You will learn the art and science of stock picking through (1) Business / Industry Analysis (2) Financial Statement Analysis (3) Pricing Analysis (4) Risk Analysis. This is followed by picking up skill sets of portfolio management through (5) Economic Analysis and (6) Portfolio Strategies

We will switch from classroom to informal setting to ensure that you take the right action based on the knowledge learnt! After the classroom sessions, we will meet twice monthly for the following 6 months. The agenda for the 2 meetings every month are:

Continuous Support Program: we will review real life companies and ascertain the fair value for the companies. Market updates and portfolio exercises may also be carried out to complement our company analysis.

Small Group Coaching: we will break into small groups of 4-6 to discuss our views of the market, how to manage our portfolio and companies to watch under a structured agenda.

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FATA HANDS ON WORKSHOP - Effective Stock Selection with Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Which is a better methodology for shares investment, fundamental or technical analysis? Many investors have followed either one of the paths and proclaimed its superiority against the other. Instead of figuring out which is a better methodology, we ask if there are synergies between the 2 analytical methods. We are happy to note that there are indeed areas for the 2 methodologies to work hand in hand for enhanced results. This is what the workshop is about – putting fundamental analysis (FA) together with technical analysis (TA) to create effective stock selection strategy.  Coincidentally, pronunciation of “FA TA” is similar to the Chinese word 发达 , which means “prosper”, and we hope that the participants will prosper together! In the workshop, you will:

1. Gain insights on Fundamental and Technical Analysis - We will illustrate in detail what is the Fundamental Analysis process and what are the indicators used for Technical Analysis. We will then apply the concepts on Value and Growth Stocks to ensure that you understand the various theories.

2. Get hands on exercises to apply the knowledge learnt - Participants are expected to bring their laptops and apply the stock selection process with Fundamental and Technical Analysis. Real life data will be used for the exercise and after this workshop, participants would be able to own the methodology to sift out stocks that stands out from the crowd!

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The main content of this course is to conduct valuation case studies of companies that are listed in the Singapore Exchange. Given the complexity of each individual company, we acknowledge that understanding the companies and hence derive a fair value of the share is one of the toughest challenge faced by many investors. With this course, you can gain in depth understanding of companies we use as case studies, at the same time, learn how professionals perform valuation on companies.

The methodologies that you will learn include:

  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Price to Earnings Ratio
  • Price to Book Ratio
  • Dividend Yield

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