The Book

create a sec income steamBased on decades of investment wisdom similar to those found in degree and post graduate programs, this book looks at how time tested financial concepts can be applied practically to create a secondary income stream through long term share investing. The book is specially crafted to present the financial concepts into easy-to-understand bits and focus on application to generate returns.

In this book, you can learn the 3 steps to winning the share investment game:

- Basic Shares Investment Skill Sets: namely Economic, Financial Statement, Business and Pricing Analysis

- Rules of the Game: the search for Value and Growth shares

- Strategies to win the Game: create your personalized share investing plan!

With enough practice, you will be on your way to Create a Secondary Income Stream through Long Term Shares Investing!




"I-Min has explained important investment concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. This book would serve as a good guide for people who are beginning their investment journey."

 Loh Yian Ling, Knowledge Management Manager

"The book provides straightforward and easy to understand content. Together with I-Min's experience, this book is a must-have!"

 Carolyn Teo, Investor and Business Owner

"I-Min was my lecturer for this course at the SGX Academy. He is good in putting forward financial concepts with clarity. I benefitted a great deal from his teaching. I bought this book for my relatives, friends & clients & believe this book will be of help to other stock investors too."

Josephine Goh, Certified Financial Planner

"I read this book after completing I-Min’s “Create a secondary income stream through long term share investing” course. The course which covers everything in this book and more has helped me tremendously in my journey to share investing. Through the many useful and important topics covered by I-Min, I have learnt how to assess the financial health of the company I am interested in before investing and most importantly to determine when is the right time to buy, keep or sell. I can quite confidently say that I am now a well-equipped investor generating consistent passive returns from my share investment through applying what I have learnt from I-Min."

 Rachel Goh, Homemaker

"I finished reading your book, Create a Secondary Income Stream and I find it a delightful read. It covered all aspects of the stock market such as REITS and ETFs. I especially love the point you state regarding the importance of understanding liquidity when investing in ETFs. That is a common issue which is rarely stated in the books that I have covered.

I am still looking forward to perhaps getting a newer edition if it comes up. Apart from your emphasis on Business Analysis which I agree on, I also find Pricing Analysis, essential to master because of its complicated nature where one has to understand the alternative growth percentage and determine personal risk and its link with the current economic situation and investment alternatives. I must state that your balance in making the book simple and direct yet technical is quite an amazing feat."

M Arif