Building a Portfolio of Malaysia Stocks with Fundamental Analysis

I will be sharing through a series of post here on how I would build a portfolio of Malaysia Stocks using Fundamental Analysis. I will be illustrating through managing a virtual fund of RM 100,000. I will be using actual up to date data for my analysis and my investment decision. You can see my thinking process through these regular posts.

To start off, I will share on the objective and mandate of this investment:

1. This is a long term fund with objective of getting on average 10% return per annum.

2. Strategy used will be "buy-and-hold" to achieve the return. For avoidance of doubt, this is not a speculative or trading strategy.

3. I will use a combination of stock selection and portfolio management process to systematically placed the funds and re-balance them according to market condition.

4. Under stock selection process, you will see how I build my watchlist through business, financial statement and pricing analysis

5. Under portfolio management process, you will see how I have an opinion of the market direction through economic analysis and from there make a judgement on when to buy / sell, how much to buy / sell.


Please note that this is for education purpose only, the website, writer and all related parties are not responsible for any investment activities conducted because of these post.

Stay tuned for more!