Betting on Oil Price Rebound

Oil Price has dropped significantly over the past 2 months, bringing down all the oil and gas related counters. I personally believe that oil price is currently oversold and a rebound is likely. I am in the opinion that is worth taking a risk to get into oil and gas related counters given that their price has fall substantially. Placed my bet on Dayang Enterprise as it has fell from a high of RM 3.80 to RM 2.70. Company is recommended by forbes and in good financial health.

portfolio 22 Jan 15

Performance of my portfolio has been bad. But the saving grace is that I still have another Rm 60,000 to play with. Have I done a bad job or just hit a bad timing? Only time will tell. But to me this is part and parcel of investing, can't win all the time. Is too early to judge and lets see if  the tides can change!